The 5 R's of Lubrication

Right Lubricant in the Right Volume at the Right Time in the Right Place by the Right Method.

  • Right lubricant - Choosing the right lubrication product for your application: Refer to your OEM equipment manual(s) or contact your local lubrication professional to assess your equipment lubrication needs.
  • Right volume - Under or over greasing is the cause of over 35% of bearing failure.  Lower the risk of damaging your application by knowing what volume of lubricant to apply.
  • Right time – Applying lubricant at the right time is key to extending equipment life.  Extend your equipment life by micro-dosing with simalube
  • Right place – Check your application for any/all lubrication points.  If your application utilizes lubrication lines and/or manifolds be sure to inspect each line to ensure lubricant is applied to the proper location.

Right method – When applying lubricant, use the properly marked container(s) and or applicators to lessen risk of product contamination.  Micro-dose when applicable.