World First: simatool Fitting Tool FT-P

With the simatool Fitting Tool FT-P and its functionality, we are presenting you with a world first. The Fitting Tool FT-P, in combination with a mechanical press, guarantees the correct assembly of components with an inside diameter greater than 50 mm. The FT-P is the ideal solution for installations requiring high mounting forces, since the tool can be used on presses. It thus allows installations that could not be performed by striking with a hammer.

Your advantages using the simatool FT-P Fitting Tool:

  • A unique product, specially designed for use with presses
  • The ideal supplement to the proven simatool FT 33 Fitting Tool
  • Compact case with high-quality components and detailed instructions inside the case cover

High-quality aluminium rings that do not deform even with press-in forces of 5 tonnes