Conveying technology as a sub-discipline of mechanical engineering includes all facilities for the transport of piece goods or bulk goods. Continuous conveyors, however, are exposed to high loads in terms of capacity utilization, location and operating times. And this is where the simalube lubricant dispenser comes in, because this environment is perfect for it. The continuous lubrication by the simalube relieves all conveyor components and brings many advantages with it: Less downtimes, reduced risk of corrosion, fewer malfunctions, longer machine running times and many other advantages.


Bearings, chains, guides, gears and other mechanical parts


  • Environment: high temperatures, high temperature fluctuations, strong sunlight, heavy pollution
  • Technical: high loads, strong vibrations, high operating temperatures,
  • Installation: poor accessibility, little space, partially increased back pressure, risk of damage from bulk goods


  • Fresh lubricant is fed continuously
  • If the lubricant is continuously supplied in small quantities, much less lubricant is required.
  • Lubrication points that are difficult to reach are reliably supplied with lubricant


Ideally, the dispensers are mounted directly on the lubrication points. If there is strong vibration, the simalube must be installed remotely. The IMPULSE pressure booster is used for long hose lines.


Lubrication conveyor belt