Electric motors

Electric motors are used to drive many devices, machines and vehicles.
An electric motor is an electromechanical converter that converts electrical power into mechanical power. Electric motors usually produce rotating movements, but they can also be built for translatory movements (linear drive). Electric motors are usually supported on two sides, these bearings must be lubricated.


Drive shaft bearings


  • Environment: high temperatures, high temperature fluctuations, pollution
  • Technical: high loads, vibrations, high operating temperatures,
  • Installation: poor accessibility, little space, sometimes increased back pressure


  • Fresh lubricant is fed continuously
  • No over or under lubrication


In most cases, the lubricators are mounted directly on the lubrication points (bearings or seals).
If the lubricant is supplied via a hose line, the IMPULSE pressure booster is often used.


Lubrication electric motor