Fans/Ventilation system

Fans, blowers and fan systems must be lubricated at regular intervals. Fans are found in almost all industries: hotels, hospitals, chemical and power plants, paper and recycling industries, mining, ships and many more. The vast majority of fans convey air and the areas of application are correspondingly diverse: cooling, ventilation, explosion protection, air supply, drying, air conditioning and transport.


The main lubrication points are on bearings of the electric motors and the pillow block bearings of the main shaft


  • Environment: high temperatures, large temperature fluctuations in outdoor applications
  • Technical: high availability, 24/7 operation
  • Installation: Plants are often located on buildings that are difficult to access


  • Fresh lubricant is fed continuously
  • No over or under lubrication
  • The continuous supply of lubricant enables a very high availability of the systems
  • Fans are also often used in Ex areas, for which simalubes have unrestricted approval


In most cases, the lubricators can be screwed directly onto the lubrication points (bearings or seals)