Opposing gears with interlocking tooth flanks are suitable for the transmission of power, torque or rotational speed (gears and other gear parts).


Thanks to the lubricant supplied in the correct quantity and quality, friction and wear are minimized and corrosion is prevented. Correct lubrication enables the transfer of very high forces with minimal wear.


  • Environment: pollution, high humidity - corrosion, high or low ambient temperatures
  • Technical: very high loads, high speeds, high power transmission, oscillations and vibrations
  • Installation: little space, choice of the correct accessory for the application of the lubricant


  • Fresh lubricant is fed continuously
  • No over or under lubrication


  • The lubricant is applied to the components using a brush.
  • The dispenser can be mounted directly on the brush, dispenser and brushes can also be connected by a hose.