Linear/sliding guide

In mechanical and plant engineering, linear movements are mostly implemented using linear guides. Linear guides are available as roller guides (linear ball bearings, linear roller bearings) or as sliding guides (linear sliding bearings, dovetail guides, rail guides).


Lubricant (grease or oil) supplied reliably, in the correct quantity and quality minimizes friction and wear and thus prevents premature failure of the guides.


  • Environment: pollution, high load, very little space
  • Technical: high speeds with often very small travels result in very frequent changes of direction
  • Installation: little space, very small connection thread


  • Fresh lubricant is fed continuously
  • No over or under lubrication
  • Lubrication also reaches lubrication points that cannot be reached with a grease gun


simalube linear guide lubricator

As available space is often limited, simalubes are usually connected to the lubrication points with a hose.


Lubrication linear guides