Threaded spindles

Threaded spindles, sometimes also called drive screws, are machine elements that, together with other elements in a screw drive, serve to convert a rotary movement into a translatory movement


Thanks to reliable, correct quantity and quality of lubricant, friction and wear are minimized. Correct lubrication enables the transfer of very high forces with minimal wear.


  • Environment: pollution, high load, very little space
  • Installation: little space, very small connection thread


  • Fresh lubricant is fed continuously
  • If the lubricant is continuously supplied in small quantities, much less lubricant is required.
  • Lubrication points that are difficult to reach are reliably supplied with lubricant


  • The lubricant is applied using a brush or directly on the components.
  • Direct or indirect assembly. The dispenser is connected directly or via a hose to a brush or to the nut of the spindle.