Cable Cars and Mountain Railways

The maintenance of cable cars and mountain railways places high demands on the operations managers. The operating conditions are considered to be harsh, since the maintenance is often carried out outdoors (e.g. on meter-high masts) and the extreme temperature fluctuations, dirt, frost, snow and wetness cause problems for the systems. A continuous supply of the lubrication points is therefore essential. The maintenance and correct supply of lubrication points have a direct impact on the economy of cableways, mountain railways, cogwheels and drag lifts.


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  • Elaborate lubrication because the lubrication points can only be reached with great effort.
  • Large temperature fluctuations seasonally, but also day - night.
cable challenge1
cable challenge


  • Continuous lubricant delivery guaranteed even at extremely low temperatures
  • Lubricants especially suitable for outdoors
  • Anti-vibration mounting support and protective hood against external influences
  • Reliability: Once installed, the lubrication points are reliably supplied with lubricant and are no longer forgotten
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cable benefits1


  • simalube
  • Special accessories in tight spaces
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Lubricate a cable car

Lubricate an electric motor

Rope saddle lubrication

Lubricate the roller of a chairlift

Lubrication of switching roller

Lubrication of the cable car axle

Rope lubrication, catenary pulleys, car doors, rope and drive gearboxes, drawbars (cab and hanger connection), fans and chillers, power units/motors

Bearings, chains, guides, gears and other mechanical parts