Construction Industry

Construction machines and their components must be operational at all times and in all weather conditions under extreme workloads. A high level of functionality and productivity of the machines must always be guaranteed - and without downtimes. This is ensured by the simalube automatic lubricant dispenser, which continuously supplies the construction machinery with sufficient lubricant for 1-12 months.


a Construction bearings


a Construction joints



Rough use, often outdoors, under variable weather conditions. High exposure to vibration and shocks.

construction challenge
construction challenge1


Reliable lubrication with little maintenance. Long maintenance intervals. Equipment is properly lubricated over a longer period of time which reduces the need to either return to the maintenance workshop or for maintenance personnel to visit the construction sites.


  • simalube 125 and 250 ml
  • Accessories for fastening and protecting the lubricant dispenser
  • simalube IMPULSE for applications with high back pressure
construction benefit


Lubrication mobile crushing plant

Lubrication wheel loader

Lubrication stockpile conveyor

Lubrication front loader

Cranes, excavators, dump trucks, vibratory plates, mixers, crushers, compressors, conveyor belts, concrete mixers, concrete pumps, rollers, etc.

Bearings, motors, gear units, chains, ropes, sliding surfaces, sprockets, cable drums, winches, joints, guides, gearwheels and other mechanical parts