Escalators that are in constant use often start to squeak. To avoid this, optimal lubrication of the system is required. simalube lubricates drive and step chains as well as guides for escalators automatically, continuously and economically. The simple installation, the continuously adjustable running time and the precise lubrication make simalube an indispensable system for escalators and moving walkways.


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Driving chains


Step chains

Guide escalator



  • No pollution of the shaft walls or the covers made of glass
  • As long maintenance intervals as possible
  • Minimization of wear


  • Reliable lubrication of step guides, drive and step chains
  • Quiet operation without unpleasant squeaking noises
  • Optimally lubricated guides prevent electrostatic charging and sparking
  • No more pools of oil or splashes
  • Higher occupational safety (no risk of slipping on leaking oil)


  • simalube
  • Special brushes and special accessories for fastening
  • Manufacturer-specific kits for retrofitting existing systems
escalator solution
escalator solution1


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The simalube dispensing unit oils the chain continuously; the brush set is fixed directly to the U-profile.
The brush lubricates the chain on both sides; the plastic rollers are only slightly dampened.
The lubrication system comprises a short brush, a fixing component and a dispenser and is suitable for use with Schindler escalators. The system is fixed directly to the step.

Drive chain, step chain, step guide, handrail