Paper and Cardboard Industry

There are harsh conditions for machines and systems in paper and cardboard factories. High humidity, heat, vapors and dusts are a problem for the equipment. A reliable supply of the lubrication points with the lubricant provided is therefore essential. Without regular maintenance, the parts wear out or corrode prematurely, which results in considerable malfunctions and thus high failure and repair costs and maintenance work. With the use of the simalube single-point lubricant dispenser, maintenance costs can be significantly reduced and the service life of the systems increased.


lubrication printing



  • No contamination of the manufactured products during production
  • High air humidity, sometimes high ambient temperatures
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  • Reliable lubrication with little maintenance
  • Minimal wear of the components and thus reduction of maintenance costs
  • Cost savings thanks to a significant reduction in maintenance


  • simalube usually screwed in directly at the lubrication point
  • At high back pressures, simalube IMPULSE
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Pumps, rollers, sieves, vacuums, calender rolls, pulpers, turbo-separators, conveyor systems, shredders, roll-up and roll-off machines, wrapping machines, labeling machines, palletizers

Bearings, chains, guides, gears and other mechanical parts