Sewage Treatment Plants

During the complex cleaning processes in wastewater treatment and sewage treatment plants, mechanical parts such as chains, bearings, guides, etc. come into contact with water, which is mixed with waste, phosphates and acidic agents. The plants are also badly affected by the weather. The continuous lubrication of simalube leads to less wear on the systems, which leads to fewer malfunctions and repair work.


Bearing 4


Chain 2



  • Outdoor applications
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Applications partly in Ex areas
Challenges 1
Challenges 3


  • Reliability: Once installed, the lubrication points are reliably supplied with lubricant and not forgotten
  • Flexibility: The running times are continuously adjustable from 1–12 months
  • The hermetically sealed system prevents dirt from entering (IP68)
  • Simple, ecological disposal (100% recyclable)
  • Approved in all Ex zones
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  • simalube
  • simalube IMPULSE is used for long lubrication lines and high back pressure
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Lubrication sewage treatment plant

Lubrication of pumps

Lubrication of water pump

Reaming plants in pre-treatment and secondary sedimentation tanks, sludge dewatering and sludge storage, sand and fat traps, agitators and crushers, computer systems, presses, gate valves, pumping stations, digestion towers

Bearings, chains, gears and other mechanical parts