simalube : Automatic lubrication

Application and installation videos

simalube movie

Rope saddle lubrication

Automatically lubricate escalators

Lubrication of an electric motor of a cable car

Automatically lubricate elevators

Lubrication of a stockpile conveyor

Automated lubrication in glass production

Automatic lubrication conveyor belt drum

Automatic lubrication of pumps

Automatic lubrication on a mobile crushing plant

Automatic lubrication on cable cars

Automatic lubrication of a wastewater treatment plant

Automatic lubrication in the recycling industry

Automatic lubrication in the wood processing industry

Lubricating linear guides

Lubrication in a cement plant

Automatic lubrication during magnesium production

Automatic lubrication of the drive chain

Automatic lubrication in a stone quarry and gravel pit

Creative installations Vol. 1

Creative installations Vol. 2

Creative installations Vol. 3

Chain lubrication in a bakery

Automatic lubrication of a jaw crusher

Lubricate the switching and support roller on the chairlift

Training videos

Lubricate escalators correctly

Lubricate elevators correctly

How to replace an old simalube IMPULSE

Installation of simalube 15 ml in confined spaces

Refill simalube 15 ml with the right accessories

simalube first filling with oil

Filling and Refilling simalube with grease

Why use simalube: 5 right reasons

How to install a simalube IMPULSE

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