The perfect solution for the clean, efficient mounting of bearings


Fast heating of bearing housings in the railroad industry

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Flange heating during gearbox manufacturing for wind turbines

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Large bearings are quickly heated by induction with simatherm

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Portable heating device for bearings up to 10 kg

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IH 025 and IH 070 can heat a wide variety of workpieces

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simatherm Induction Heaters

Perfect solutions for the clean, efficient installation of rolling bearings

With simatherm induction heaters, rolling bearings and other ring-shaped metal parts can be heated in a highly efficient manner. They allow quick, clean installation and replace conventional heating methods such as heating plates, hot oil baths, open flames and ovens. During the heating process, only the workpiece is heated while the device itself remains cool. simatherm induction heaters can be used for workpieces weighing up to 300 kg.

Heating with induction

The heating of rolling bearings and ring-shaped metal parts by in-duction has proved to be an excellent method for installing these parts with both speed and care. An alternating electro-magnetic field induces a high current directly in the workpiece and raises this precisely to the prescribed installation temperature in a controlled manner.


  • Precise, even, quick heating
  • There is no risk of damage (from excessive mechanical stress, open flames, dirty oil baths, excessively hot ovens and plates)
  • Automatic demagnetisation
  • User friendly
  • Increased operational safety
  • Selectable power reduction for heating up smaller parts