simalube Starter-Kit

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simalube Starter-Kit

The solution for automatic and continuous lubrication of machines in all industrial sectors.

Less work, reduced machine downtimes and faster maintenance: all industries benefit from this automated lubrication solution..

Every step that is saved leaves time for further tasks. And that also saves companies money in the long term. That is why more and more companies are relying on automation - and that in a wide variety of industries: from mechanical engineering to the printing and paper industry to the food industry.

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How companies use automation
The areas of application for automation are as diverse as the economy itself. From milking or bread-making machines in the food industry to self-propelled robots in warehouses to computer programs that take on administrative tasks: the potential of the machines is great, and yet it often starts with the little things that make things easier.

Man vs. machine
Automation does not have to be about replacing people with machines - because no technology can replace a good employee. Instead, it should help people and, at best, relieve them of those activities that are actually irrelevant. This means that employees have more time for what is really important and can complete their main tasks faster and more efficiently. An important factor in automation is human error. Because especially when it comes to sideline jobs, mistakes can happen quickly. Errors that can be avoided through automation, because automated systems can carry out actions without fatigue and with consistent quality. And that brings us to our example: simalube, the automatic lubricator, can independently oil and grease single point lubrication points for up to 12 months. The little lubrication expert is even more reliable than many people who have many other tasks to deal with.

Automation: simalube shows how it's done
It's simple, but efficient: simalube is installed at those points where forces act, something rotates or moves, and then continuously supplies them with lubricant. The lubricator is available in five sizes - from 15ml to 250ml - and can also reach hard-to-reach places using hoses, angles, bends, screw connections and other accessories.

How users benefit from the simalube
For mechanics and technicians, simalube primarily makes maintenance easier: Instead of manual lubrication, the lubrication points are automatically and continuously supplied with oil or grease. This can save a lot of working time. With automated lubrication, there is also no risk of forgetting a lubrication point or the risk of over- or under-lubrication. And that in turn prevents damage and machine downtime.

Planners and decision-makers are happy with it
The use of the automatic lubricators is also economically worthwhile - if only through the reduced downtimes and the saved working time. In addition, the simalube can be refilled up to three times and then simply disposed of. In addition, the automated lubrication expert can withstand almost any environment: at temperatures from -20 to +55 degrees, in tight spaces and even under water. This makes it suitable for every industry and every company that wants to save time and money on maintenance.


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