A new opening and a work of art: simatec inc moves into its own premises


An exciting chapter begins for simatec inc as they embark on a journey into new realms from June 2024. The American subsidiary simatec inc. is making history by moving into its own purpose-built factory and office premises for the first time. A milestone in simatec's company history, marking the beginning of an exciting new era.

A riot of colour for the opening:

The artistic gift from simatec ag to simatec inc.

The ‘Grand Opening’ of simatec inc. was imminent, an event full of meaning and anticipation! But the parent company, simatec ag, wanted more than just the usual gift for its subsidiary in Charlotte. No, it had to be something that celebrated the uniqueness and shared values of the two locations, Switzerland and the USA. In a true blaze of creativity, the idea was born to create a work of art that symbolises the dazzling connection between Switzerland and the USA and at the same time celebrates the artistic diversity of both cultures.

Kaleidoscope of cultures: Fredinko's vivid depiction of Switzerland and the USA for simatec inc.

The idea was born, but how was it to be realised? The idea behind the artwork for the inauguration of simatec inc's new factory and office premises is as unique as it is inspiring. Fredinko set to work creating an artful connection between Swiss and American culture by incorporating iconic symbols of both countries into his work. With subjects such as the majestic Matterhorn, the legendary cowboy, the unforgettable Elvis Presley and many other symbols, he created a bridge between the two cultures. The result is an image like a vivid kaleidoscope of the cultural diversity of both nations, full of life and energy, uniting the essence of the shared values of simatec inc and simatec ag.

In an act of teamwork, all simatec ag employees in Switzerland contributed to bringing the image of Fredinko to life. Using special acrylic pens, which were mixed by Fredinko himself in the branding colours, the picture became an interactive experience.

As Mischa Wyssmann, CEO of simatec, aptly stated, the painting symbolises the harmonious fusion of Swiss and American culture and stands as a testament to the shared commitment to excellence, creativity and innovation.

Captured Moments

Fredinko, the artist behind the painting

Fredinko is a versatile Swiss artist known for his colourful and vibrant artwork. His art spans various media, from painting and drawing to street art and installations. With a keen sense of humour and a passion for playing with contrasts and symbolism, Fredinko creates works that are both thought-provoking and enjoyable.


Art you can touch:

The many uses of simatec inc.'s unique work of art

The picture not only serves as decoration for simatec inc's new premises, but also offers numerous other uses. One of these is a specially printed biscuit tin filled with the finest Kambly biscuits from Switzerland. These treats are a sweet reminder of the bond between the two companies.

In addition, beautiful postcard sets were printed, with the contours of the symbols and drawings emphasised with a special relief varnish. These sets are not only a visual delight, but also a practical means of spreading the message of co-operation and cultural exchange between simatec ag and simatec inc. to the world.

Best wishes for the future

With this unique ‘Fredinko simatec’ artwork and its many applications, simatec ag wishes its subsidiary simatec inc a successful start in its new premises. May this painting not only decorate the meeting room, but also warm the hearts of the employees. Here's to a future full of success, creativity and shared achievements!

Inside of the new building