teaser lubricants

Standard lubricants

The range of lubricants approved for simalube include modern and approved high-performance lubricants, especially modified for the requirements of oil and grease lubricators. For all greases and oils data sheets are available.

simalube is also available with other lubricants or empty. Please contact us for advice.

The following factory filled lubricants are available.

simalube lubricators filled with the below listed lubricants will be supplied into USA, Canada and Mexico. For all other markets, please click here.
No. Application Temperature range °F Technical Data Sheet (TDS) Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
SL01 General multi-purpose industrial grease –4°F / +266°F pdf (20 KB) pdf (97 KB)
SL02 High performance grease with MoS2 (moly) –4°F / +293°F pdf (21 KB) pdf (106 KB)
SL04 High temperature grease +32°F / +338°F pdf (224 KB) pdf (53 KB)
SL06 Fluid grease –4°F / +266°F pdf (20 KB) pdf (95 KB)
SL09 Biodegradable grease –40°F / +248°F pdf (86 KB) pdf (86 KB)
SL10 High performance multi-purpose grease for the food industry –4°F / +286°F pdf (22 KB) pdf (97 KB)
SL14 Chain oil +5°F / +212°F pdf (20 KB) pdf (100 KB)
SL15 High temperature chain oil +32°F / +500°F pdf (58 KB) pdf (59 KB)
SL18 Food grade oil –4°F / 284°F pdf (664 KB) pdf (47 KB)
SL22 Electric motor bearing grease –4°F / +320°F pdf (18 KB) pdf (95 KB)
SL23 Synthetic high temperature food grade grease –4°F / +320°F pdf (27 KB) pdf (95 KB)
SL25 High pressure grease –40°F / +350°F pdf (22 KB) pdf (98 KB)