Shaping the Future of Workshops: Integrating Advanced Tools for Efficiency, Safety, and Speed


In industrial manufacturing, the integration of innovative technologies is crucial to increasing operation efficiency, ensuring industrial safety, and achieving cost reduction. Specifically, bearing heaters and advanced bearing tools are transforming the way workshops handle and install heavy machinery components, like bearings and similar ring-formed elements.

Enhancing Installation with Industrial Induction Heater

Induction heating is a standout industrial solution, providing a quick, uniform heating method that is crucial for installations where precision and component integrity are key. Our industrial bearing heaters can quickly bring large bearings to the required temperature, minimising time and energy spent compared to traditional methods. This is essential in applications requiring precision and speed but still necessitates a hands-on approach.

Collaborative Operation with Bearing Tools


Even as we edge closer to fully automated systems, the value of human oversight and operation remains significant. Advanced bearing tools designed for use with our induction heaters allow for safer and more efficient handling of large components. These tools require two operators for optimal performance, which ensures precision and reduces the risk of errors or accidents, reinforcing industrial safety standards.

By enabling two persons to effortlessly steer and manoeuvre heavy bearings, these tools significantly reduce physical strain and potential injuries. This collaborative approach not only enhances safety but also improves the precision with which these components are installed.

Bearing Tools                                  Bearing Heater

Cost Reduction and Operation Efficiency


Integrating these technologies into daily operations leads directly to cost reduction. By reducing the time and physical effort needed to install components, workshops can decrease downtime and minimize expenses related to delays and workforce injuries. The joint operation of bearing heaters and tools also cuts down on labour costs by streamlining tasks that would traditionally take much longer or require more manpower.

Case Study: Real-World Application of Bearing Heater and Tools

A recent application at a major workshop of a distributor illustrated the effectiveness of our IH 070 Induction Heater and BHT 300-500 handling tool. In this scenario, a 26.6 kg Bearing 61968-M needed to be heated to 110°C for installation into a critical assembly line unit. Using the IH 070, the bearing reached the required temperature in just 20 minutes, a task that previously took over an hour with older methods.

Two technicians using the BHT 300-500 then manoeuvred the heated bearing into place swiftly and accurately, ensuring a perfect fit and immediate continuation of the assembly line operations. This not only reduced the installation time by over 65% but also decreased the potential for component damage and worker injury.

Looking Ahead: The Future of Industrial Automation


As we journey towards the horizon of full automation, the integration of our semi-automated bearing heaters and handling tools marks a strategic advance. These technologies not only prepare our workshops for the future but also ensure that we remain in step with the rapid progression of industrial automation, blending today's capabilities with tomorrow's possibilities.

In conclusion, the combination of advanced bearing heaters and handling tools is revolutionizing industrial practices. This technology not only reshapes how tasks are performed but also redefines benchmarks for safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in industrial environments, paving the way for future innovations in workshop operations.

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