simatool Bearing Handling Tool

The safe solution for handling large and heavy bearings

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Overview of all three Bearing Handling Tool variants. Bearing Handling Tool BHT 200-400 with small spherical roller bearing. Bearing Handling Tool BHT 300-500 with medium spherical roller bearing. Bearing Handling Tool BHT 500-700 with large spherical roller bearing.

The safe solution for handling medium, large and very large bearings

The Bearing Handling Tool is ideally suited for professionally and securely lifting large, heavy bearings.

The following three variants are available:

  • BHT 200-400 (max. lifting force 150 kg)
  • BHT 300-500 (max. lifting force 500 kg)
  • BHT 500-700 (max. lifting force 500kg)

The BHT reduces the risk of accidents and bearing damage. The BHT encloses the outer race of the bearing with a steel band. With two handles on opposite sides and two carrying belts, the bearing can be easily transported with a lifting crane. The bore remains open so the bearings can be easily placed onto a shaft. With the Bearing Handling Tool, bearings can be both horizontally and vertically fitted onto a shaft. Two anti-twist devices, which are fastened against the inner race, ensure that the inner race of the bearing does not turn out of control.

  • Bearing bore remains free for mounting on shaft
  • Mounting on shaft in horizontal and vertical position possible
  • Avoidance of accident risk
  • Can be used in combination with simatherm induction heaters
  • TÜV SÜD certified

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Scope of delivery

simatool Bearing Handling Tool 300-500 without spherical roller bearings.



  • 2 carrying belts
  • 2 high quality handles
  • 1 pair of protective gloves
  • 2 turning handles for safe handling
  • 2 steel clamping strips
  • 2 inner race fasteners

Application areas of the BHT

  • General manufacture and maintenance in plant and mechanical engineering
  • Maintenance of agricultural, municipal and construction machinery
  • Maintenance of electric motors
  • Maintenance of pumps
  • Gearbox maintenance
  • Maintenance of conveyor technology
  • Maintenance paper and plastics processing

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