Lubricate linear and sliding guides with simalube

Linear movements in machine and plant construction are usually implemented by using linear guides. Linear guides are available as rolling guides (linear ball bearings, linear roller bearings) or as sliding guides (linear plain bearings, dovetail guides, rail guides).

Lubrication points
The smallest simalube lubricator lubricates a linear guide in a paint shop via a hose.
The smallest lubricator automatically and continuously oils a linear guide.
Many lubrication points are automatically lubricated with one simalube IMPULSE connect lubricator each.


  • Environment: pollution, high load, very little space
  • Technical: high speeds with often very small travel distances result in very frequent changes of direction
  • Installation: little space, very small connection threads


  • As available space is often limited, simalubes are usually connected to the lubrication points with a hose.

Areas of application and advantages

Typical applications

  • Automation Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Cable Cars and Mountain Railways
  • Escalators
  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Marine Industry
  • Printing Industry
  • Plastics Industry
  • Rail Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Woodworking Industry


Advantages of the simalube lubrication system

  • Fresh lubricant is continuously supplied
  • No over or under lubrication
  • The lubricants also reach lubrication points that cannot be served with a grease gun



Application images

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