simalube for professional elevator lubrication

Guide rails and pulleys of elevators must be constantly lubricated to avoid dry friction. Another application is the maintenance of elevator ropes with rope care products. Due to the exact dosage of the lubricant or rope care product, the simalube lubrication system reduces maintenance and cleaning work. It is therefore particularly suitable for high-maintenance elevators in outdoor areas and panoramic elevators.

Lubrication points
The simalube lubricator automatically and continuously lubricates the return pulley on lifts. The dispenser can be mounted directly at the lubrication point.
The lubricant dispenser optimally lubricates and maintains the guide rail of a lift with an even film of oil.
Lift traction ropes can be easily lubricated with the simalube automatic lubrication system.


  • No pollution of the shaft walls for lifts
  • Longest possible maintenance intervals
  • Minimization of wear


  • simalube and special brushes for lubricating guides and ropes

Areas of application and advantages

The easy-to-use simalube lubrication systems guarantee optimal care of elevators and escalators. These special lubrication systems are exceptionally reliable and efficient. Assembly sets are available for retrofitting elevators and escalators made by the best-known manufacturers.

simalube area of application for elevators

  • Guide rails
  • Diverter pulley
  • Elevator ropes

Specific benefits for elevators

  • Reliable lubrication of guide rails and traction cables
  • Elevator runs quietly
  • Containers to catch excess oil no longer required

Further benefits

  • Reduction of service requirements and maintenance costs
  • No more oil spillage or splashes
  • Simple to retrofit existing installations
  • Improved occupational safety (no risk of slipping on excess oil)
  • Constant application of lubricant
  • Stepless setting of lubricant dispensing time from one month to one year
  • Refillable oil lubricator


Application images

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