simatool FT-P

The installation tool for forces up to 5t

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simatool Fittig Tool FT-P Case closed and case open.

The ideal solution for pressing in or on bearings or other ring-shaped components

Thanks to the Fitting Tool FT-P - in combination with the mechanical press - a correct assembly of components with an inner diameter of more than 50 mm is guaranteed. The FT-P is the ideal solution for assemblies with greater installation forces, as the tool can be used on presses. It thus allows assemblies that would not be possible by hitting with a hammer.

  • Product designed for use with presses
  • Ideal supplement to the proven simatool Fitting Tool FT 33
  • High-quality aluminum rings that do not deform even with press-in forces of 5 tons
  • All components available as spare parts
  • Compact case with high quality tool parts and glued in instruction manual
  • Also suitable for the installation of sleeves, sealing rings, pulleys, etc.
  • Aluminum rings are clearly marked for quick and easy selection

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Scope of delivery

simatool Fitting Tool FT-P Case open. The practical user guide including bearing selection table is glued to the inside of the case. The rolling bearing fitting tool set contains 1 tube, 6 rings and 1 adapter ring.



  • 6 aluminum rings
  • 1 sleeve
  • 1 FT-P DC adapter ring (in combination with FT 33)

Application areas of the FT-P

  • General mechanical engineering
  • Electric motor production
  • Vehicle industry, cars and trucks
  • Construction machinery
  • Conveyor technology
  • The tool can be used on presses up to a max. press-in force of 5 tons


  • Thanks to the special DC adapter of the FT-P tool, the C-rings of the simatool FT 33 can also be used on presses


  • Significantly lower forces are required to mount seals. Seals with an inner diameter of up to 60 mm can thus be easily mounted by striking with the plastic faced non-rebound hammer

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simatool Brochure
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